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Fatigue – Safe Driving Tips -VRP Driving School

Fatigue - Safe Driving Tips -VRP Driving School

People who are planning a lengthy road trip in spring or summer will be aware that they will have to deal with the Fatigue that comes with driving for several hours in a row.

Take a break, stretch, and nap

Rest stops are the most effective approach to keep drivers attentive and avoid drowsiness. On a long drive, stopping to get out of the car, use the restroom, and stretch is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you are extremely fatigued, pull over and take an hour nap. Even a 30-minute power nap can help most individuals get back on the road feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go. Many rest areas on today’s motorways have playgrounds for children and picnic tables where people can dine while recharging.

Breath Fresh Air 

Many people are startled awake by the rush of fresh air in their faces, as well as the loud sound that comes with opening a window while driving down the highway. Opening the windows is also a wonderful way to lower the temperature in a car, which keeps passengers alert. However, don’t leave the window open for too long because this can cause drivers to become acclimated to the wind and noise. Instead, open the window in small bursts to give yourself the energy you need to keep focused on the goal at hand—reaching safely at your destination.

Listen Music

Hearing your favorite song blasting from your car speakers may be a tremendous mood booster. When we hear a song we enjoy on the radio, we all perk up. However, after a while, music has the capacity to lull people into a trance and make them drowsy. Many people eventually stop hearing the music and begin to nod off. To avoid this, experts advocate listening to talk radio in your car. People are more likely to stay involved and attention when listening to music.

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